Contact Me

All Enquiries

Please use my “ShortWhale” form to keep in touch together in the shortest time. Your message will be redirected to me via email, and I will be able to respond to it more effectively in this way. 

I check my emails twice daily, so in case you did not get any response, at least wait for 24 hours and then re-send your enquiry.

Emergency or Cases of Urgencies

In this case, again, please contact me via my “ShortWhale“, and choose the topic as “Urgent”, then provide your contact information and I will get in touch with you.

Do not forget to provide your contact information in case of emergencies or where you expect me an action. Instant messaging or your phone number (in case you are in Italy) is the best way we can take care of the case immediately. 

Be aware that I do not have any assistants and I myself will respond to you, so do not worry about the confidentiality and the privacy of your case.