Current Projects


  • Engagement in a Practical Study, for a Complete and Enough Accurate Model of “Well-Being” – with Lead of Mr. Morteza KhezriPour


  • Self Study: Lacanian and Freudian Theory and Practice Through LCA Cartel and Study Groups in LCA, LS of NLS, Lacan Compass and Lacan Toronto
  • Start Blogging in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamics in general here!
  • Start Digging Deep in the Subjects to Find my Passion! Or even trying to be in the Path of Exploring. –> Practical Steps and KPIs Regarding Finding The Best Place and University for My Master’s Degree in Psychoanalysis or Psychodynamic Studies.
  • Trying to Survive and Living as Fully as Possible.

Postponed According to Priorities: 

  • Acquiring Theoretical Knowledge of “Radif” and Iranian Musical System 
  • Blogging as a “Psychology Student, Psychoanalysis Enthusiast Based and Born in Iran” in Medium 

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