Current Projects


  • Engagement in a Psychology-based Development Service Project Aiming a Complete and Enough Accurate Model of “Well-Being” – with Lead of Mr. Morteza KhezriPour


  • Self Study: Lacanian and Freudian Theory and Practice through communities viz, LCA Cartel and Study Groups in LCA, LS of NLS, Lacan Compass, and Lacan Toronto
  • Start blogging in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamics in general and other official publications here!
  • Start digging deep in the subjects to find my passion! Or even trying to be on the path of exploration
  • Practical steps and KPIs regarding finding the best place and most suitable university to pursue my Master’s Degree; helping me with acquiring an in-depth understanding of humans, as Subjects, and the rule of the unconscious; well-being, and the way to achieve and maintain that state by equipping a bigger picture based and supported by a holistic and sustainable “Solutionary” view of the subjects’ Life, which itself will shed light on my path of becoming a multi-cultural psychoanalyst in my thirties with the conscience of a leader, and compassion of a psychotherapist
  • Trying to survive and live as fully as possible, through the path of everlasting transformation
  • To start as a setar and tombak (Iranian musical instruments) music Instructor to widen the performer’s means of expression through the language of music

Postponed According to Priorities: 

  • Acquiring theoretical knowledge of the “Radif” and the Iranian Musical System 
  • Blogging as a “Psychology student, psychoanalysis enthusiast who based and born in Iran” in Medium

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