This blog is dedicated to my professional blogging, mostly related to psychoanalysis and psychodynamics, although it still consists of other psychological-related topics and projects that I contribute to them as well. So, consider here as the main text-based platform for a “Passionate Analytical Dialogist” who tries to have a dialogue with the world, and all are based on what she finds or understands as she proceeds through her own journey.

I always try to bear in mind that we can only live the present moment; this is all we have in our hands and we can somehow make changes or “be” in it.

But the truth is, we are a combination of all happened before us, biologically speaking and considering the C. G. Jung’s idea of collective unconscious, and the future in every scale is made by our actions and micro-decisions, so maybe this is the best manifesto for my personal website, and the light to guide me through the path:

“Lives should be led in the present,
the eye has to look to the future,
but all meaning is in past.”

_Dur E Aziz Amna,
from essay: “Writing into and out of My Long Distance Grief”

Ala Akbarian, 
Jul. 25. 2021

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